• What’s New in HIPAA

    • The statement “it’s not your father’s HIPAA” truly reflects recent and dramatic changes to the almost 30-year old law. In addition to the massive 563-page Omnibus Bill in 2013, 2014 has brought us additional enforcement, changes and “clarifications” such as Windsor and Byrne vs. Avery.

      A client once said that upon reviewing the HIPAA-HITECH Compliance Calendar that we prepared that “it is obvious that HIPAA compliance is really a way of life”. We agree.

  • Seamless integration:

    HIPAA-Consultants.com seamlessly integrates its services with clients’ existing vendors and Business Associates. If you need a referral, we can help with that too.

    A unique and more complete approach to compliance: HIPAA-Consultants.com uniquely integrates extensive technical knowledge with the common sense gleaned from more than 35 years of compliance experience.

    The bottom line goal is to help clients become and/or stay compliant with full array of services.

  • HIPAA-Consultants.com full line of services can help with HIPAA and HITECH by providing:

    • Role-specific training which includes email and MP3 updates
    • Policy & Procedures with implementation steps and selected process maps
    • Implementation
    • HIPAA “liaison” – privacy officer
    • Breach response
    • HITECH survey completion
    • Business Associate vetting
    • HIPAA compliance audits
    • Security Risk Analysis
    • Consulting, as needed
    • Honest Broker services
    • Process improvement
    • Integration with ISO certification processes
    • HIPAA compliant M&A