ZBCC Services

“Compliance: From process map to culture”

ZBCC performs audit and re-engineering of clients’ systems and departments savings resources and facilitating efficient organic growth.  This includes, but is not limited to, process evaluation, documentation and re-engineering. DOE, CTQ determination, budget, DMAIC and VOC incorporation.

Compliance is by Design

We design call, email and data traffic patterns with appropriate metrics for service monitoring and improvement. Also, we design and prepare HR metrics, which provides analytics, performance metrics, HR ROI, knowledge, efficiencies and money saving opportunities for management with a focus of transforming data into actionable information.

Additional Professional Services

  • Survey construction, dissemination and analysis
  • Prepariation of advanced continuing education courses successfully communicating technical information (I.e. insurance, process, etc.) to those without corresponding technical expertise
  • Organizational development. Baseline, gap and risk analyses followed by corrections.
  • Benefit plan analyses, RFP preparation, vendor management, documents + SPD & SMMs, stop-loss analyses, suitability evaluations, negotiations, administration, consulting, testing, and filings + SARs for group health and ancillary benefits for multiple and single employer plans.
  • Benefit plan participation/eligibility audits, consulting and management.
  • Qualified (DB & DC/401(k)) and non-qualified retirement plan consulting, enrollment, vendor management, testing, and filings for single and multiple employer plans.
  • FMLA, STD, QMCSO, NMSN and QDRO administration
  • Consult on policies, risk management, contracts, plans and documents for insured and self-funded benefits to assure compliance and compatibility with Best Practices, client goals and team capabilities.
  • HCRA financial impact consulting.
  • HR and benefit plan due diligence – mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and divestitures to address compliance issues, integration, separation, shared services opportunities, change management, and risk assessment
  • Eligibility to work, auditing and reporting (EEO-1, E-Verify and I-9s)
  • Assessing compliance relative to controlled group, affiliated service group rules and Stark