Minimizing Risk for a Breach in Compliance

The most cost effective approach to HIPAA compliance is to lessen the possibility of a Breach through timely learning that is designed to deepen knowledge and change culture.When addressing the learning requirements of HIPAA §164.308 relative to Security and HIPAA §164.530 relative to

Privacy, it is technically unsound to train all employees with the same content. For example, do receptionists, IT staff and Privacy Officers have the same knowledge requirements? While they are certain core concepts common to all, learning content must address the context of exposure to Protected Health Information.

Recently issued 563 page HIPAA Final Rule

The recently issued 563 page HIPAA Final Rule is generally effective on March 26, 2013 with a Compliance Date of September 23, 2013. The resulting law necessitates:

  • A timely and fresh compliance review v Construction/maintenance of a Compliance Program;
  • Update Communications including required notices, employee handbooks, etc.;
  • Assessment of Internal monitoring and auditing;
  • Review of processes and committees associated with suspected Breaches § Review/update internal enforcement and discipline.

Careful and In-depth Planning is Essential

  • We help successful businesses demonstrate a strategic and comprehensive risk management plan designed to focus rather than reacting to security incidents by implementing controls one-by-one.
  • Our programs assist organizations with developing a well-developed risk assessment methodology that systematically identifies and evaluates risks before security controls are selected and implemented.
  • We help the organization identify its most valued assets and understand the threats to those assets.
  • Our highly effective training programs help prepare your human resources to become your first line of defense for Information Management Security.