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hipaa consultants, iso 27001 consultantsAll modules and learning sessions are customized to be specific for an Employer and/or Covered Entity. The modules described below are available with and without the following additional content:
(1) FERPA, (2) Hybrid Entity, (3) Group Health Plan Covered Entity supplements, (4) research with OHRP content, (5) care settings with Emergency Situations and EMTALA content, (6) psychotherapy content, (7) 42 CFR, Part 2 rehabilitation, (8) de-identification, (9) Entity type – single, Affiliated Covered Entity, or Organized Health Care Arrangement; and (10) non-Florida state-specific or other special content upon request.De-identification content is available with (1) specification of the entity’s default de-identification process or (2) general de-identification rules under §164.514.
Module# & the Contents Targeted Audience
one-50x50Module 1 is primarily for privacy officers and committees in settings where health care services are not provided. This includes those with technical HIPAA knowledge requirements such group health plan sponsors, lawyers, paralegals, mergers & acquisition teams and certain HR professionals.
two-50x50Module 2 is primarily for HR where health care services are not provided. It is also suitable forindividuals and committees that are not involved in the technical compliance aspects of HIPAA but do have HIPAA-related supervisory roles such as non-technical privacy officer(s), non-technical day-to-day privacy contacts and consultants.
three-50x50Module 3 is exclusively for IT Project Managers, system development supervisors and HIPAA-technical IT professionals. Successful completion of this Module is required prior to taking Module 16.
four-50x50Module 4 is primarily for customer service representatives, call center staff, front desk staff,accountants, clerical, students in the area of IT and IT professionals without HIPAA ­related decision making and others with access to information that requires protection such as ePHI/PHI.
five-50x50Module 5 is primarily for individuals involved in the medical care of others who are not Privacy Officers including students in the medical fields.
six-50x50Module 6 is primarily for individuals in medical service environments where they are deeply involved in technical analyses and decisions relative to HIPAA. This includes, but is not limited to, physicians, pharmacists, institution management, Privacy Officers, Ethics & Compliance Officers and certain HR professionals.
seven-50x50Module 7 is exclusively for law practitioners and students.
eight-50x50Module 8 is exclusively for insurance agents and brokers who sell and/or service group healthplans.
nine-50x50Module 9 is exclusively for Board of Directors not actively engaged in day-to-day HIPAA-related activities.
ten-50x50Module 10 is primarily for caregivers and managers in medical care environments who are not involved in the technical compliance aspects of HIPAA but have a HIPAA-related supervisory role.
eleven-50x50Module 11 is primarily primarily for Risk Managers.
twelve-50x50Module 12 is primarily for individuals who sell and/or service medical devices and related technology.
thirteen-50x50Module 13 is primarily for the core members of a Covered Entity’s Incident Response Team (“IRT”).
fourteen-50x50Module 14 is exclusively for Privacy Officers (core training).
fifteen-50x50Module 15 is intended for Call center staff and supervisors with direct contact with patients and their families.
sixteen-50x50Module 16 is intended for Advanced Information Systems Resources who have successfully completed the Core IT Learning of Module 3.
seventeen-50x50Module 17 is primarily for Security Resources (e.g. public safety) of Covered Entities.
eighteen-50x50Module 18 is primarily for Institutional Review Board and Privacy Board members.
nineteen-50x50Module 19 primarily for Workforce Members and vendors not intended to be exposed to Protected Health Information (PHI) including but not limited drivers and delivery. The content is basic in nature.
twenty-50x50Module 20 is primarily for Payment Card Industry (PCI) salespersons.
twentyone-50x50Module 21 is for Workforce Members involved in retention, classification and destruction decisions relative to files, documents and systems.